14th Annual Patient Recruitment and Retention Summit

23 - 24 February 2022 | Berlin

Patients have always been close to the clinical trials activities. But nowadays, with the overwhelming digitalisation era they are not just passive participants. They are the creators, designers and regulators throughout the whole clinical trial pipeline. If you do not think this applies for your organisation, then you should ask yourself: “Am I moving in the right direction?”

The 14th Annual Patient Recruitment and Retention Summit was designed to share the learning from the previous year, determine the relevant trends for efficient patient engagement in clinical trials, and predict the upcoming changes for the patient-centred clinical trials. Will be hybrid trials the solution for the accessibility? What to consider when going for an eConsent solution? Why do patients drop out of the trials? How to prevent this and save your budget? Let us answer these and many other questions to help you deliver outstanding performance when executing the clinical trial.

This patient recruitment and retention event is going to bring together senior-level representatives from top pharma companies. You will hear the best real-life case studies, benefit from remarkable networking opportunities and establish important business contacts. Enrich your knowledge, get the insights, discuss the innovations & challenges within the pharma industry. Register now to book your seat and become a part of something extraordinary!

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • The diversification of the patient recruitment approaches as a tool for the research underperformance prevention
  • What is the role of decentralised clinical trial methods in the process of patient enrolment?
  • The cooperation between companies and patient organisations as a way to facilitate patient engagement
  • How to develop and apply the relevant Patients Focused Medicine Development (PFMD) guides to encourage patients to stay in the trial?
  • Ways to communicate and aid your patients: Support programmes, counselling sessions and patient communities
  • Benefits and challenges of virtual clinical trials: Exploiting technology for effective global reach
  • Coping with the new normal: Lessons to learn and changes to do for patient engagement and retention



Global Director Patient Advocacy


Patient-Relevant Clinical Trials: Early Patient Involvement in the Design of Development Programmes

Active involvement of patient representatives early in the design phase of development programmes has become vital for the successful conduct of clinical trials. Patient panels discuss what patients expect from clinical trials, and what they need to gain a positive experience of participating in a trial. Patient boards help define patient-relevant outcomes by specifying what constitutes real benefit and value for patients. This session will reflect on the lessons learned to date from involving patient representatives in clinical trial design and explore the path forward.

• Comparing the perspectives of industry, research and patients
• What are best practices in involving patient representatives in clinical trial design?
• What are key challenges, and how are they overcome?
• Discussing the way to go to take patient involvement to the next level

Kimberley KALLSEN

Head of Patient & Site Journey, Global Clinical Development & Operations


The Journey of Bringing the Voice of Patients and Sites into End-to-End Clinical Development

Bringing the voice of patients and sites into end-to-end clinical development will provide a good trial experience for trial participants, bring innovative treatments to patients faster by accelerating clinical development and ensure that new treatments fulfil patients’ needs and expectations.

• Examples for understanding the voice of patients and sites and bringing it into clinical development
• The importance of bringing all stakeholders together, including partnerships with patient organisations and healthcare professionals
• Challenges and future opportunities

Oleksandr GORBENKO

Global Patient Centricity Director


Patient Engagement Strategies Across the Medicines Development Continuum: Ipsen Best Practices

In this presentation we will overview the best patient engagement strategies across the medicines development continuum and focus on our actions to improve patient recruitment and retention.

• Overview of best PE strategies across the medicines development continuum
• What we can do to improve patient recruitment and retention and some lessons learned over the COVID-19 pandemic
• Initiatives we have already implemented at Ipsen and in collaboration with our partners
• Further considerations


Director, Decentralised Study Execution Strategy Lead


Decentralised Clinical Trials (DCT) for Non-COVID-19 Reasons: Vision, Strategy and Implementation in Late Phase Studies

COVID-19 accelerated Teva to focus on the need to vision and implement a DCT strategic approach in our late phase studies, understanding that this may be the future for running clinical studies regardless “crisis” situations. The presentation is addressing what Teva gained since the COVID-19 pandemic appeared, what was our vision’s focus, our implementation strategy and efforts for leading a paradigm shift to the way we have conducted clinical trials so far.

• Background
• Building a streamline
• Identifying the stakeholders
• Continuous mitigation
• Implementation


Clinical Research Director


Patient-Centred Research

Pharma trials are not all that accessible and attractive to patients. We are often confronted with this when recruitment is slow and investigators are desperate. What would make a protocol more attractive to a patient? And what putts them off? And how can we make it more attractive and easier to stay in the study for the whole treatment duration? The global pandemic has forced some changes in the conduct of clinical research. May be this was just that little push we needed. Let us jointly look at point for improvement for future trials.

• Pitt falls of clinical trial protocols
• Opportunities for clinical trial protocols
• The pandemic as a catalytic converter for more patient centred clinical trials Maarten

Enjoyed the event, it was very valuable. Good variety of topics and presentations – taking away lots of good ideas.

Associate Director, Patient Recruitment Programmes, Pfizer

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