Andrea Forgione

Global Patient Engagement Manager

Menarini Group 


Patient Real World Insights: The “Last Mile” of Knowledge to Improve Clinical Outcomes

A misalignment of language, culture, perception, and/or late Pharma knowledge of patients’ experiences, can have an impact on clinical outcome. Environment, Digital Health Transformation, and Decision Makers are shaping ‘Modern Patient’ as an increasingly central and dynamic health consumer. It is time to learn what really happens in the last mile of patients’ real life.

  • Patient’s voice and experience into every stage of the Patient Journey
  • Rethinking the “view” of a patient by building a holistic, 360-degree patient profile
  • Benefits of adopting a Unified Patient Experience

Eva Bretschneider

Head of Patient Partnership & Stakeholder Engagement



Patient Partnership Enhancing Diversity in Clinical Trials

Case study on how Bayer’s patient engagement plan enhanced diversity and representation in our clinical trials. How Bayer partners to co-create and co-develop solutions with patient advocacy groups and Standing Councils so outreach approach and recruitment materials resonate with the community.

How Bayer partners with patients to enhance diversity in clinical trials:

  • Diversity plan to facilitate recruitment and study experience
  • Developing a diversity plan to be submitted to regulators
  • Drafting diversity plan blueprint

Francesco Butti

Local ClinOps & Budget Head



Impact of an Intelligent Platform for ePRO Data Collection on Patient Protocol Compliance and Retention in a Sponsored Study

Despite ePRO solutions have shown to improve protocol compliance, they fail short when it comes to flexibility and adaptability. Additionally, patient retention and data issues are still major burdens in conducting clinical studies. Virtual agents and gamification are still widely unexplored areas in clinical research. The presentation will discuss the development, governance, and impact of an intelligent platform for ePRO data collection on patient protocol compliance and retention in a sponsored study.

  • Patient engagement can play a pivotal role in supporting the collection of evidence
  • Digital solutions sometimes show disadvantages such as the impersonality and low flexibility
  • Acting on gamification and conversational agents can improve patient`s study experience, patient`s satisfaction and patient`s retention

Gunnar Schroefel

Global Director Patient Advocacy

Daiichi Sankyo


Patient Diversity: It’s Time to Quit Talking and Start Doing

Clinical studies shall follow principles of diversity, equity and inclusion. There is a broad consensus on this among all stakeholders. However, implementation in practice continues to be a struggle. Parameters causing difficulties include clinical study quality requirements, recruitment parameters, logistics, gaps in patient information, amongst many others. This session discusses how to tackle these challenges and start taking action.

  • Benefits of participating in clinical trials for diverse patients: Win-win situation
  • Embedding diversity in clinical trials: Proactive approach from planning to real result
  • Minority representation in decentralized clinical trials: Just a vision, or a realistic goal?
  • Regulations, practicality, mindset? What hinders us the most?

Geoff Rollason

Patient Experience and Service Director



Patient Centricity - The Search for the Holy Grail

An examination of the activities of Pfizer UK Oncology’s Patient Experience Team in ensuring that people with lived experience of cancer are front and centre in our work. Why do we do it? How do we gather the insights of patients? What do we hope to achieve? What can be the long-term benefits of this approach?

  • The role of the Patient Experience Team in Pfizer UK Oncology – where did we come from and where are we going?
  • The growing impact of interaction with patients – what does it mean for Pfizer and for the patients themselves?
  • What will patient centricity look like in the future?