Andrea Forgione

Global Patient Engagement Manager

Menarini Group 


Patient Real World Insights: The “Last Mile” of Knowledge to Improve Clinical Outcomes

A misalignment of language, culture, perception, and/or late Pharma knowledge of patients’ experiences, can have an impact on clinical outcome. Environment, Digital Health Transformation, and Decision Makers are shaping ‘Modern Patient’ as an increasingly central and dynamic health consumer. It is time to learn what really happens in the last mile of patients’ real life.

  • Patient’s voice and experience into every stage of the Patient Journey
  • Rethinking the “view” of a patient by building a holistic, 360-degree patient profile
  • Benefits of adopting a Unified Patient Experience

Eva Bretschneider

Head of Patient Partnership & Stakeholder Engagement



Patient Partnership Enhancing Diversity in Clinical Trials

Case study on how Bayer’s patient engagement plan enhanced diversity and representation in our clinical trials. How Bayer partners to co-create and co-develop solutions with patient advocacy groups and Standing Councils so outreach approach and recruitment materials resonate with the community.

How Bayer partners with patients to enhance diversity in clinical trials:

  • Diversity plan to facilitate recruitment and study experience
  • Developing a diversity plan to be submitted to regulators
  • Drafting diversity plan blueprint

Karim Benlahcen

Director, Clinical Operations Neurology & Rare Diseases



Optimizing Patient Recruitment and Engagement Strategies

Understanding clinical trial participation from the patient’s perspective is something crucial. Before Clinical trial implementation, it is important to hear from Patients Advocacy Groups (PAGs) what the patient’s experience is with a similar trial design and the therapeutic indication specificities. This will help optimise the strategy: right patients at the right sites

• What does it mean to be patient in a Clinical Trial
• Why does the patient accept to participate in a Clinical Trial
• Enhancing patient recruitment and retention using the right communication tools
• Role of new technologies and who could benefit from

Caroline Averius

Senior Global Patient Partnership Director



The community voice: why science desperately needs co-created clinical trials

At Roche, our mission is to do now what patients need next. To enable this, our Global Patient Partnership team works to embed key community perspectives and insights into core decision-making across the company. One focus area is to maintain strong and sustainable partnerships with communities to achieve people-relevant R&D and solutions. Through this collaboration we can improve clinical trial design and outcomes to develop meaningful solutions focused on participant benefits. This recently led to the development of a series of Clinical Trials guidebooks across different therapy areas within neuroscience. These co-created materials with community representatives provide considerations for those designing or conducting clinical trials to make them more participant-friendly and have been built directly with representatives of the communities the research serves. Our Autism and Alzheimer’s guidebooks will be made publicly available in October this year, and we hope that these tools ultimately pave the way for more successful research and trials which put the participant first.